Yalos is a consulting boutique that delivers software at scale, all around the world, with continuous operation.

Our SRE team’s focus is to improve the user experience for our customers and partners by analyzing and solving problems related to software application deployment and operations on cloud infrastructure.

In this process, we focus on various aspects, such as (1) solving client issues -incidents, requests, escalations; (2) mitigating failure - through monitoring and logging; (3) and automation - because we like to solve repetitive problems programmatically.

SRE department structure comprises 3 teams that work closely with other departments, based on organizational requirements to ensure the goals are met, in a timely manner.

Cloud Operations - focuses mainly on incident management and response, such as production failures, infrastructure issues (disk, memory), monitoring as well as service requests from end users. Our goal is to restore normal service operation while minimizing impact to business operations and maintaining quality.

SRE - supports Cloud Operations and takes over the tasks that require more in-depth technical knowledge, with the purpose of anticipating failure and proactively fix it. When they're not busy with incidents and troubleshooting, they get to work on features and bugfixes, making the platform even more reliable.

Dev-Ops - makes sure reliability is delivered to end users, RCAs for incidents are being documented, and operations are approached with a development mindset, focusing on automation of processes and reducing toil throughout the organization.We proactively combine soft skills -necessary in communicating in an effective and efficacious manner with various stakeholders, from team members to direct customers - with hard skills, that allow us to use the latest technologies, such as Salesforce, Azure, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, KNative, Docker, Github, AWS.

We strongly believe in holistic development and our work is powered by personal independence.

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Feb, 2022 Yalos Team

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consulting boutique that delivers software at scale, all around the world, with continuous operation.